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Just realized I skipped the “introducing myself” post! I am 21, and currently living on my family farm (on which I am ninth generation) with my mother and my boyfriend. My mother owned one horse growing up, and still enjoys riding occasionally, and my boyfriend hadn’t touched a horse in his life until he met me! (Him wanting time learn to ride was the source of my prior post!) 😄

I, myself, have ridden since I was very young, but rather on and off. I didn’t start riding really consistently until like 7 years ago when I began working at a public trail barn - Painted Bar Stables. I learned mostly how to handle horses, and a very practical “Here’s the basics, and here’s how you don’t die” way of riding, and was used to getting thrown on to any and every horse, from the most broke, been-there-done-that trail horses, to the lively new recruits!
When I was a little older, I decided to refine my skills a bit more and learned from a lovely woman who taught me a lot. Including the Parelli method! I believe her farm is called Carl’s Legacy Acres, but she may have moved, so I’m not sure.
The owner of the trail stable liked my skills enough to send her young horses (she breeds) down to my house for me to work with! On occasion I’ll get an older trail horse who’s simply there for vacation or broke themselves and needs some extra time to recover. I’ve worked with a stallion on and off since he was two (now four, just bred for the first time), among many other young horses. I love watching them grow into successful horses, even if I miss having them here!
So I always have new and different horses floating around, so if it seems like I’m being inconsistent about what horses I “have” - it’s because that’s the truth lol
Now that I’m in college, she sends me the horses on my winter and summer breaks, and during this quarantine.
When at college, I am both my school’s western and hunt seat teams, though only on JV, not Varsity. This is not for a lack of skill, however. Every year they ask me to join the varsity teams, but I really just don’t find much enjoyment in showing, so I would rather dedicate my time to schoolwork. I still enjoy being part of the team and helping out the other JV riders, however.

My actual setup is quite meager. My barn is an old Bull Pen that has been around since at LEAST my great-grandfather’s time... possibly longer, no one is sure. There is a “Catch pen” behind it, that used to be for the bulls. Now I mostly leave it open, and I ran a temporary, single stranded poly wire fence along one side of our (8 acre) pond. The horses have free access to this pond and enjoy drinking, splashing, and swimming in it. The pasture that connects to the Bull Pen is about 2 acres, but he have a second pasture (also only poly wire) set up on the other side of our creek (meaning horses must either cross a creek, or a bridge to get to it. The only horse that’s ever had an issue was an OTTB XD) That one is about 3 acres. My arena is just an area of grass I separated out with more temporary fence posts and some yellow string that looks like the poly wire so the horses won’t run through it lol. It’s definitely not an ideal setup, but it works!

In the past, I leased a horse for about two years. His name was Dickie (awful name for a horse tbh), and he was an unregistered paint. His owner was awful ngl, hardly ever spent time with the poor thing, and as such he was pretty green. Since I stopped leasing him, sounds like he’s regressed, unfortunately.

And then, this past December, my favorite horse (Bandit) at the trail barn, who is known since he was born, got put up for sale (something I myself recommended, as he simply wasn’t happy as a trail horse). There was no way I could afford his listed price, and I didn’t want to drag a horse with me as I figure out grad school and the rest of my life. Eventually, the owner realized she had a solution. There is another girl who used to ride at the barn a lot who also loved him, but couldn’t buy him right now as SHE’S in grad school lol - so the owner suggested I get to lease him for the next ~2 years, and the other girl can pay off his price in payments, then get him when she’s done with grad school! It works out for everyone, so Bandit is effectively mine for the next two years.

Here’s some pictures:
The Bull Pen (You can kinda see the catch pen):


Bandit again, but you can see the inside of the Bull Pen (note the bars the stalls are made of to keep the bulls in):

Dickie (the horse I used to lease):

And the three horses at my house right now: Kasper (the cremello), Aspen (the leopard appy), and Bandit (the dun tobiano) Also, I waited out my boyfriend cause he probably wouldn’t want his face floating around the Internet and this is the only pic I have with all three of them without blankets on (also, they’re in my “arena area” - as you can see, it’s not much)

So yes, I know, my farm is obviously not state of the art, but it all works and is safe. Every summer I have various projects and am always working on fixing stuff up.

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Ninth generation! That's awesome! Love the pictures of your horses, too.
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