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I am from Australia and own 3 beautiful big horses!

Firstly Kyros, he is a purebred hanoverian warmblood..Pure black, 17hh!

I have only had him 4 months. So still getting to know each other and forming a bond.

He was very strong mouthed, and had the habit of bolting out of arenas!

He also couldn't be ridden on roads and was very scared of cars..

After 4 months he is ALOT softer, but still not perfect, and is ridden along the road and trail daily, and is so laid back, just like a different horse... and hasn't bolted since the 3rd week home!!

He is such a sweet friendly boy

Our first dressage show, he came first and fourth

He had also never jumped, because apparently he was too strong and uncontrolled when he jumped..

Last month i took him to his first jumping course, possibly the first in his life, as well as mine, and he was a star, didn't hit the poles at all!

His last owner was very short, and she used her hands for everything, so i am basically teaching him leg aids again, trying to not use the reins

and for a photoshoot!

I have never done competitions before, always just rode at home, it was my ever first dressage show on him! and first jumping course as well..

So we are getting lessons now, starting the new competition season..

Will slowly train up the grades, considering Kyros is just starting out as well!!

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Thank you!

My other boy is a black clydesdale cross thoroughbred..

He will be 3 years old in March, but still has his baby teeth!

He is 16.3hh already! Will easily reach 17hh!

He LOVES jumping

Just at the trainers

Kyros (warmblood) left, Klaatu (clydie) right

and lastly! My 17.1hh thoroughbred, Kitai

He is the calmest kindest horse i have ever known!

Kitai and Kyros at the farriers

However last year we found out Kitai has major issues with his hooves because after racing no one looked after them, and he had alot of infections which ate away at the bone, and all his hooves have massive holes..
He is on correctional shoeing now, and at the equine vets every 4 weeks, although he will never be ridden again, he is just a brilliant boy!

and that is my herd! haha
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