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Hey everyone, my name is Lisa, im 19 and I live in Ontario, Canada. I've been riding since the age of 7 and I still absolutely love it. I've done years of trail riding at a ranch I voluntered at for 3 years. I've competed in barrel racing and speed events of 2 years, then moved onto all english events such as jumping, equitation, hunters etc...

I bought my first horse, Wrangler in April of 07 as an untrained yearling. He was nearing 2 years. He was a beautiful tri-coloured tobiano that i picked out of a huge herd. I loved him the minute i layed eyes on him. He definitly had our huge fights but we've always gotten through them. I trained him myself from the ground up all by myself and I was quite pleased with the results. I took him to his first show in August of 08 and we managed to place 2nd in a class of 9 people. But sadly, shortly after i had to put him up for sale since i no longer had time for him with college and my job. I sold him in March last year to a home where they trained him to be a cow ropper and a reiner. He's been sold to another home just recently where he's started his training to be a trillium horse. Im happy i brought up quite the versitile (sp?) horse and he excelled well in multipul (sp?) disciplines! :)

^^ At our first show, he looked and did amazing :p

^^His gorgeous face <3

I bought my second horse in April of 09. Boomer was a 5 year old quarter horse gelding. I was riding him since April 07. He was quite the horse. He was shy and only liked a few people. I trained him to trust people, to collect his gates, to jump and to relax under saddle. I loved this horse. His personality was amazing. He was the next houdini thats for sure lol. I showed him summer 08 in jumping. He first time he seen actual jumps and we managed to get 2nd in a class of 11 people. I was proud. I also showed him this passing summer in all english classes and he was absolutely amazing. We placed in all our classes and he jumped beautifully. I competed for the first time in a halter class and I placed 2nd both times in a class of 15 :) Unfortunately, due to financial problems, i was forced to sell him in August. Hardest decision of my life, i miss him dearly but i know hes well loved at his new home where he does trail riding and gets completely spoiled everyday.

^^Summer 08

^^he definitly had quite the personality :lol: winter 08

^^Day i bought him :D

^^ At our weekend show this summer, beautiful jump :)

^^ He was such a gorgeous horse. I miss him dearly

Just a note, i trained both my horses on my own. No coaching at all. I miss them both dearly but i know their in a loving home where they can both get the attention and love they deserve :cry:

Hope you enjoyed, thanks for reading Looking forward in getting to know you'se!!!! :):wink:

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Hi. sounds like you have done very well with your horses. i love paints, so i can see why you fell for the tobie. it's always so hard to sell the ones you get attached to. glad you found them good homes. some day when you are ready, you can get some more horses to start. it's so much more fun to do it all yourself.
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