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Hello everyone!

I'm from western canada where it seems like winter is finally ending and the sunshine is coming out! hehe

I have been riding since I was 13(so about 7 years) but I have yet to own my own horse. I have ridden western and english before, but non-competitively. I mostly just fooled around on the trails. :D

I adoooore trail riding and it is, in my opinion, the best way to spend my time so as you can imagine I am just itching for all the snow in the mountains to melt away.

For the past year I've gotten involved with some people who are kind enough to let me play with their Endurance Arabians on the trails and I even got to ride in a 50 mile race! (and crewed at a bunch of others). I basically ride 2 times a week or so just keeping their horses fit and ready to race. Who wouldn't jump at an opportunity like that!

So perhaps a future in Endurance racing is for me? Either way I am happy for now pretending that the spunky arabs are mine in my head hahahaha.

Looking forward to meeting you all! (especially any fellow arabian lovers!)
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