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Hey everyone,
I'm not much of a forum/thread guy but as this is a passion of mine and like to share it, I thought I'd make an exception :)
I'm 21, live in Germany at the moment after living in the UK for a couple of years and started taking (western-) lessons about half a year ago.
I don't own a horse, but look after and get lessons with a nearly 6 year old welsh-pony-black-forest horse mix. (Not sure about the race-names in english...) She's crazy sometimes, but I guess she's not the only mare, I had some rodeo rides on her...
I joined here to talk to people sharing this hobby and of course learning by reading and such.
I've read plenty of posts/discussions already and quiet like it here :)
I love my lessons and will be doing an intensive course for a week in May.
Anyway, that's me. My name's Spanish by the way, I love the language and learning it at the moment.
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