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Hello from Birmingham, AL!

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Hello all! My name is Ashley. I have been reading and getting a lot of good information from this forum so I decided to join. I just got my first horse in January of this year. It has been very bittersweet, check out my blog to read the full story I look forward to gaining knowledge from here and talking to you all. Follow my blog to keep up with my new life as a horse owner! :D
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hello from shropshire :) good luck with your first horse! and welcome to the forum x
Hi, glad to have you here. I live in N. Georgia about 3 hours from you. I come and check out this site every day. There is always something new to learn.
Hello from Tuscaloosa, 45 minutes away! :D
Glad to meet you! :)
Welcome to the forum! hope you enjoy the community we have here :D
hi. welcome :)
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