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Hello I'm a 22 year old lady from Michigan and looking to get back into riding! I was taking private lessons at a expensive barn down the road from me up until August but had to stop due to lack of funds to afford them =[ I tried to ask the barn owner if they would exchange work for a discounted price but they already had a lot of help so I had to stop taking lessons until I got a more stable job that fit with my college schedule and budget.

The new barn I found I still have to view, and travel farther to! BUT. 100 dollars for one month of riding, (one lesson every week), is within my budget for sure. At my other barn it was 40 dollars for one lesson. I plan to start up riding again in Feb when I am fully adjusted and looking for an actual career job in Graphic Design since I am graduating this month! Whether I have to move out of state or not for my career does not matter, as long as I am saved up and making enough to ride horses somewhere that is friendly and teaches good at least once every week or two, I will be very happy.

Little about me:
* I love chocolate
* I play harvest moon games to death
* Horses give me confidence
* After all these years I'm STILL afraid a horse will eat my hand off when giving it smaller snacks like sugar cubes and smaller carrots.
* I love filming, photography, and editing.
* I LOVE guys with blonde hair and blue eyes but end up having better connections with guys that have black hair and brown eyes.
* I dream so much that if I don't have one within 3 nights, I think something is wrong with me. lol
* My horoscope is Aries
* My favorite horse is the Friesian
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