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My name is Nikki, my real name is Nichole. I turned 18 on january 8th, and i have lived in the cities of minnesota my whole life. I have always had a passion for horses, but i was never able to really get close to them until this last summer. I have been into photography for three years now, and i have been attending the Minnesota Horse expo since 2008. I specialize in equine photography, but sadly i am always on the sidelines taking pictures, and never riding. I havent ridden a horse since 2006, and i miss it. I have only ridden a horse two times my whole life, and they were trail rides with public riding places.

I recently posted an ad on craigslist offering my photography services in exchange for free riding / lessons, and i had this very nice lady respond to my ad who was glad to help me out. She is also giving me the oppurtunity to ride in the parade of breeds this april during the 2010 MN horse expo. I will be riding a 9 year old Thoroughbred gelding named Cymba. He raced when he was three years old, and has Seattle Slew in his pedigree. I can post his full pedigree if anyone wants me to. I will also be riding him this summer in fun shows, and i will be trying out barrel racing, jumping, and a few other things. My friend said he will basically become my own horse, which i am excited about.

A little about me, I own three dogs, two cats, and alot of fish. I am somewhat of a cities girl, but lately i've been wanting to move away from the cities so i can get my own horse to ride more often. I live in **** Rapids, Minnesota, and i have lived here for 12 years now. I have two half sisters that are 12 and 14, a step dad, and a mother that acts like my best friend becides being my mom. I have a boyfriend named Bryce, and we have been together since December 27th, 2008. Me and him have had a rocky road, but things are starting to slowly work out. I am a pretty laid back person, but when i think something is wrong for someone to do, i do not hold back on voicing it. I can be opinionated, and sometimes i get a little too carried away, but i can't help it. I am very goofy around people i know well. I have forgotten what it feels like to have a best friend over the past years, but i do think the person who replied to my craigslist ad could very well become a new best friend.

Anyways... thats enough about me.. if you have any other questions, feel free to ask! If you are going to the MN horse expo this year, let me know! i'll be there for all three days riding cymba.
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