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Im not new but havent been on for a year or so

I moved to New Brighton Minnesota more of a city but its a place

i would love to meet new people around me an get some friends with horses
If any one around me has horses i would like to know one thing

do you want a riding partner?

i dont have horses any more but want to learn more an ride more
it can be with or with out you if you have a arena

i have done this once to a person who didnt have enough riders for all her horses an she moved to Texas shortly after i did this with her she was great was going to teach me lots of stuff

ive been recently into trick riding but am fidning out not a lot to no one dose it any more witch is sad

i can gental with horses not pushy but can be was to learn more riding skills

Please message me or commet Id be happy to know more people in minnesota who ride
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