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I just wanted to introduce myself before I hop in and start posting.

My name is Megan, and I am from PA. As my username somewhat describes, I am a hobby breeder of chinchillas, and an all around huge animal lover. Along with my chins, I have 2 dogs- A Greyhound(rescue) and an American Pit Bull Terrier Mix(also a rescue), and a Bearded Dragon(lizard) named Lincoln.

My fiance and I also own three horses, and 3 goats. Annabelle and Loulabelle, two fainting goats, and Bert who is also a goat but don't tell him--he thinks he's a horse.

My fiance had horses a few years back(they passed due to old age), who bert grew up with. We purchased two horses in the later part of 09 from a friend who didn't want them anymore: Lady a 17 year old Tennessee Walking Horse and Bella her now 10 month old foal. About 3 weeks ago we added a 9 year old Thoroughbred Gelding; Handsome.
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