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hiya everyone! :) came across the forum and thought id join :) im Caitlin, im 16, im from Scotland and got my own pony February 14th last year, hes a 15.1/15.2 Piebald Irish Cob, who iv recently just broken in :) hes going fantastic, and really taken to being ridden! im hoping to do a bit of everything with him, as iv already done some in-hand shows and hes being placed out everytime cause the judges love his markings! also wanting to jumping and ode ands things :) -this was him and his best friend Milo! their joined at the joke!:p

haha i done his mane out of boredom one day!-

when i first got him- february '09 he has changed so much!
the other day-

pat on the back if you got through all of that! xx
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