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My name's Magali. I live in France.

I'm young breeder of Arabians Horses, a few of Anglo-Arabs racing and I remplace Anglo-Arabs by Akhal-Teke breed this year.
I work too on genetics, a program that I have nommed Byakkô-in breed based on asian little horse and russian horse.

I'm too a farmer with sheep mares and milk cow. Dog's farm (rough collie) and it's new, Tervueren Dog for works as rescue dogs .

Actually I have 1 arabian stallion, 3 arabians mare, 1 throurobred mare, 1 colt anglo-arabian and ma new filly Akhal-teke will happen at home Within a month or two, and too I'm waiting 3 foals for 2016.

I'm alone (not man in view,
The mountain of work I do every day is probably scary for them :hide: ) on my farm with my mother.

I love Japan combats sports. I am doing Kendo , Kendo old , and Ninjutsu.

I have nine cats (Piper, Tao, Mushu, Xémérius, Neji, Nibi, P'titTigre, Moshi, and Bubulle) that I love too.

So much for the presentation of my family.

Thanks for welcome me.
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