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hi, im lucy and im 19 years old. i live with my fiancee, step daughter and 1 year old daughter. we live in the house at the end of my parents yard.

i 3 day event full time and absolutly adore it! couldnt imagine doing anything else!
i have 6 horses of my own then i ride 9 others.

we also have a pony called Charlie which is my stepdaughter and my daughters pony.

we also have 3 dogs who make us laugh all the time.

we cant wait to meet you all on here.

lucy, craig, amy, rosie, horses and dogs
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my fiancees dad has a house in australia so we go there every year when its the end of season here, all the horses go on hol and we go there! we love it over there! we are looking to get a small place over in OZ for our winter home lol.

were bout are you? we stay at adelaide
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