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Hey, I am MustangBlue, and I just joined

So far, I am liking it :)

I have a nice knowledge on horses, have been around them my whole entire life.

I have a black quarte rhorse Mare named Molly, she has a star on her face.

I am the future owner of a chesnut Appendix quarter horse (used to race:)) who is very big. Should be interesting, I'm used to little Molly.

On January 7th, my best friend, My 25 y.o. Morgan/quarter horse passed away due to a bad case of colic. Definitely best horse ever. No questions asked.

I miss her terribly, however I know she would want me to move on and mingle with the horse community. I left community due to a cruel community. Not very nice over there...

That was quite a while back, however...

Well, ya that is pretty much my back ground for horse communities, and more. Have a wonderful day and thanks for reading ;)

P.S. I ride Western Pleasure and hope to do Gymkhana with my new horse.
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