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Hello!!! Im Jay and Im new to horseforums 馃榿 i just wanted to introduce myself here.
I joined horseforums because i LOVE horses, i dont have my own horse but in a few months I will probably be taking riding lessons and Im super excited 馃槅 then in a couple of years, i might get my own horse!!! For now, i just go trail riding every few months. The horse on my profile picture is a horse i rode to a trail ride a few days ago, she was an Appaloosa mare named Shantelle and she was a really nice mare... I have ridden other mares and they are much more moody and dont like to follow instructions but Shantelle was really nice and obedient! I still enjoyed riding the other mares too though 馃槃
Well i dont really have anything else to say... so im just going to leave it at this. Have a great day everyone! 馃榿

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Welcome to the forum Jay....

Enjoy your time here with us. :smile:
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