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hello there, i hope you are all well and staying safe.
Firstly i must say that i am not very horsey and not to sure what i am looking for/at, but my partner is.
She wants to get a extra full leather head collar for her lovely 14,2 hunter, as its her birthday coming up, i would like to surprise her and get one for her horse/pony. So all i am looking for is some recommendations and help in choosing the correct one. Please

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Welcome Stump Monkey! If you'd tell us what country you're in someone might be able to steer you in the right direction. Since you call it a head collar and not a halter you're probably not in the USA so I can't be any help.

I think it's nice you're supporting your partner in her horse ownership.

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WELCOME to the Forum!!

If you want to surprise, total surprise...
Borrow the bridle, halter or head collar when you know she is at work and take it with you to the tack shop.
The people working their can use what is currently ridden with for sizing and use the design to keep you in the right style of tack needed.
Does your partner show or just need/want a second everyday quality bridle will also make a difference in what you look at and how plain, fancy or appearances you need.
If your partner rides hunter or equitation classes no fancy browbands. No flash nosebands, removable is OK
If it is dressage, fancier browbands and today contrasting piping on the padded noseband.
Jumpers...anything goes.
If she does saddleseat...been a very long time since I saw a bridle being used for that discipline so not sure what is the fad choices today.

Might I suggest...
Listen really closely to what she is talking about as so many styles today, so many "new" designs she may be interested in...
Best would be to take her shopping and know your budget cause I can spend $400 on a bridle real fast.
Be realistic with her on what you can afford.

Consider also finding her really nice gloves...
I love the feel and comfort of pigskin gloves myself...
They fit and conform to my fingers quickly, are hard-wearing and last was my experiences.
Just some other thoughts and ideas of how to be "sneaky" for the right reasons... :smile:
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