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Help find boarding barns in monroe,LA area

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Hey everyone, I'm new to the forum and it has been tough trying to locate boarding facilities in or close proximity to Monroe, LA area. Ideally I need one march 08 filly boarded in pasture(stall if available for wet months) and one has to be in a stall(due to him being a stud colt, but if there is a stall with a run that would be acceptable too).

If anyone could help me out I would greatly appreciate it. The numbers of people I could get a hold of whom would know of someone I would appreciate it immensely. If you could reply with information on how to find one too that would be greatly appreciated.

We would be willing to do self-care if it's within 20 minutes from monroe west monroe, la areas. If it is not withing 20 minutes we would need either full care or a work off part of board. Or we could help with barn chores like feeding, care in absence, and so forth in exchange for boarding our horses. We would also prefer a place that has board for under $400/horse regardless of the sex of the horse.

Thank you in advance!