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Help me Find a Stable!!!

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Hi I'm looking to transfer stables and I need a little help in the search :)

Here are the requirements

No Hunter, Huntseat, Foxhunter, or natural connection riding

I do not have my own horse so i need lesson horses or a lease option

also no Misty Brae, I used to ride there but it was not a good experience for me

30 min or less from the zip code 20165

I would Like but not necessary

indoor ring

can take beginners(lil sis)


also i was looking at Bluebird Hill Stables, but i cannot find their address anywhere, just their city if you can find that i will worship you :grin::lol:

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I know you're far, but Royal Horseshoe Farm in Front Royal is where I go. It's RIGHT off 66.

There is an indoor arena being built.. you can bring beginners.. there are lease options and plenty of lesson horses.. the main instructor teaches Equitation and jumping, but there is another instructor who is going to be working on Sundays who does dressage and jumping.. and a jumper lady close by. Plus, lessons are inexpensive-- $30-$35.
sorry it's over an hour away
Unless your training your horse to help you find a stable then you should put this in Horse talk.
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