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Help not sure if my mare is in foal

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Hi can any one help me in finding out if my mare is in foal had the vet do a rectum internal and she said she could feel nothing my mare was used as a foaling machine and has had 5 foals to what i know off
I got her 10 years ago and never wanted a foal but i was told 3 weeks ago a colt got into the mare's field.

I think her shape is wrong to how she normaly is has with been a full welsh when she is over wieght she is round allover not just in the belly part

i have photo's showing her size

thank you :D


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There would be not the slightest external sign in a mare only three weeks into a pregnancy. Her belly would not look any different, her udders would not look any different. Most mares don't show any changes in body shape until nearly seven months along or later. Your best way to tell if a mare is bred is at or after day 21 (three weeks) a vet can do a rectal palpitation - which you have had done, and the vet TOLD you there is no baby. If you are still concerned, like someone mentioned, shell out the bucks and have an ultrasound done.
ITA with Indy.
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