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help with my horses build

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hey so I have some questions about my horsesweight and build.
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so this is my horse ^
she is a 7 year old ottb mare
I have some questions about her weight and build. so obviously she is ribby but aside from her ribs, does she look too bad weight-wise? keep in mind she was like this when we got her and she has good quality hay and grain. she is on about 3 flakes of T/A each day with night turnout (5pm-7am). she gets a scoop and a half of senior feed.
I genuinely can't tell what's wrong with her build but something looks off. I ride her typically 4-5 times a week and I'll either do flatwork, trailriding, galloping, or jumping work with her.
What would you guys advise I do to work on her build? I think its a topline issue from what I can see but Id like other peoples input.
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for some background info this was her when she raced ^
so I don't think it's a problem with her natural build as you can see in this picture she looks just overall better.
I'm just mainly trying to find out:
1) what's wrong with her build/what is need to work on
2)what excerises I can do to make her look more "correct"
any help is appreciated!
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the picture above is kinda what I'm aiming for her to look like if that makes sense.
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She’s pretty! :)
To me it looks like she needs topline & muscle over all
My Ottb looked similar to her when I got him, took a few months for him to get topline and muscle, on the right feed and supplements.
some exercises I used was pole work..
W/T/C over poles, I’ve done figure eights, pin wheels, switch backs, bending lines, bending bounces massacre, figure 8 bounce, serpentine, ETC. They all seemed to contribute.
I also lunged him over jumps, he’s free jumped 3’ft but I only lunged him up to 2’ft.
Once my TB got weight and muscle, he looked stout. She might end up having more of an athletic build rather then a more stout one? I don’t know tons about builds, so I’ll let the others tell you.
She doesn’t have ulcers right?
I wish you luck! :)
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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