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Hey there. Female, 18, DENMARK, horse lover :)

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Hello everybody :D
Bear with my English! - I'm Danish, and I'm here to improve my English, by talking about horses, which I like very much :)

I'm new in here :)

I go to to high school, and I'm a 18 years old female. My name is Janne :)

This is me and my young stallion, Milton. :D
You can also take a look into my gallery :)

I live in the country on a small farm, with my parents, and my siblings.

Is this in any way understandable? :? :p - I really hope so :wink:

If you have a good impression of me, and think that I sounds nice, then just write me :D
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Hi Janne! Welcome to the forum. Your post was perfectly understandable and very well written. Milton is absolutely beautiful! I love his markings and his pink nose.
Along the top of the page, you should see links to User CP, Horses, Horse Chat, FAQ and others. Click on Horses, then click on Visit Your Barn. You should see a button to "Add Horse".
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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