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Hey there, From Georgia!

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Hey Ya'll, I'm Victoria Richardson from little Loganville, Georgia! I have an American Paint Horse named Chief. He's the best horse ever and he's my number one baby :D
I am always looking for any barn work around the Loganville, Monroe, Snellville, Stone Mountain, Lilburn, or any other surrounding areas. I always have new tack for sale and I genuinely love horses. Horses are my life and will forever be my passion!:happydance:
I'm very sociable and really nice, I don't bite.....often :wink:
Anything ya'll need, just ask!!! Can't wait to meet ya'll! :)
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Welcome to the forum!! I'm a paint person too. Do you have any pics of your boy to share with us?
Of course I do!!!! :)
They are attatched :)


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I'm from Georgia too! Right between Macon and Savannah. :wink: Pretty boy!
Welcome! I am from Georgia too. I am between Macon and Tifton. :)
He's gorgeous!!
Thanks everyone!!!:)
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Welcome to the forum! I too have an American Paint....a few states above you in North Carolina though...look forward to more pics of your horse :D
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