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Hey :D
My name is Emma, I am 19y.o and from Australia.
Just stumbled upon this site, and thought I'd join up :)

I have two horses currently.

I have Alby, a 9y.o 14.3hh New Forest Pony X Welsh Cob. He is a little barrel on legs. I got him over a year ago after selling my TB who loved to rear and flip over on top of me just out of the blue sometimes. So Alby has been the horse that has bought back all of my confidence, although we only do pleasure and trail riding.

My newest addition is 'Dexter'. I bought him for myself as a Christmas present, and he arrived on boxing day :) Dexter is a 16.1hh 8y.o TB gelding who has only recently finished racing in Hong Kong. His Australian race name is 'Teak A Fire', but when he was exported to HK he raced under the name of 'Whisky Power' - Video
He has been spelled for 12 months, and then I bought him, so I am taking him back to basics and we are currently learning about 'brakes' :p He will be my future eventer and help me get back into the competing world.

His second ride after racing :)
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