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Hiya. Since I am always on my phone, I decided to seek a horse forum that was friendly with my forum app.
I am on another forum, so I may see some familiar faces. But to those who don't know me...
I am a 20 something equestrian. I own 2 retired seniors and lease a 14 yr old TB. I grew up in the western saddle, went to nationals in reining, western pleasure and barrels. Around age 15 I met my best friend and started an interest in English riding but never explored it until about 17-18 years. My main interest are hunter/jumpers and dressage. Cross country also appeals to me, but I feel that I'd never get the means to have a horse that was bred for such a sport and afford to care for them in the high maintenance way I'd like. My seniors are a nice low maintenance for me...the most I am dealing with is the hard keeper side that's slowly reared it's head in my mare.
About my horses...
The 1st is Always A Colt AKA Colty. He is a 1992 solid paint horse and was my very 1st horse. He is always trust worthy...unless he came across evidence of boars. Then he forgot all about his rider.
The next is Hold Me Tight AKA Feather. A 1989 dutch warmblood/TB cross. She was a free horse and I acquired her to learn English. Though I was into jumping, she never learnt jumping. And we learned together. Lol. She taught me the value of your seat. As she refused and spooked at a lot of fences. I still remember the day she spooked and took off with me. I clung to her and cried out for help. My trainer told me to sit deep and halt. I did so and never lost sight of how important your seat is for balance.
And my lease horse is Times and Roses AKA Rose. A 2000 TB. Since my seniors are retired, she is leased for trail and pleasure.
Anyone like pictures? Lol

I look forward to making friends here and learning new things. I am an open minded person, though I find solitude in science and experience.


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