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Hi all! My name is Megan, I am 23 and I currently live in Florida! I joined in hope to help some of my friends. I used to be a member of the Delaware State University Women's Equestrian Team and I am still close with all of the girls and coaches. Unfortunately the university has recently decided to cut the team for economical reasons. The girls have met all of their goals, accumulated the most community service hours of any team, and also managed to attain one of the highest team GPAs of all the university's sports. Not to mention that they have successfully competed against some of the nation's best NCAA equestrian teams and brought diversity to a historically black male college. In just four years the team has grown to over 20 members, recruited some of the top equestrian athletes in North America, and the English team has made it Varsity Equestrian Championships twice! Please join the facebook group, SAVE THE DELAWARE STATE EQUESTRIAN TEAM and also go to Save the Delaware State Equestrian Team to Support Women Athletes | Pepsi Refresh Everything and vote. If the team wins the Pepsi contest, the money will go to supporting the team until the college agrees to provide financial support again. Currently the college will seize funding at the end of this semester. Thank you all for your time and support in advance. If you have any questions please feel to email me.
I am sorry to bombard the board with this on my first post but this is something that I feel very strongly about and I felt that fellow horse people would be understanding.
Thanks again!


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