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Hello, I am new here.
I grew up showing Quarter Horses and trail riding. My mom introduced me to endurance riding when I was in high school and college, but I hadn't owned my own horse for 16 years, until recently.

I work part-time at the racetrack, along with my other job. I have been doing that for 6 years. I own an off-track Thoroughbred, and I help to rehome off-track Thoroughbreds off of the track. I hope to retrain another one this summer with a friend and to sell him/her. We are going to try and do this together.
My TB gelding is 10, chestnut, 16.2 hands. Handsome ! He raced 77 times, made over $200,000 and is sound. A lovely horse to be around and I have enjoyed the hard work retraining him to be my riding horse. I use him for pleasure riding, trails, ring work.
This forum is wonderful and I really look forward to learning more and sharing my knowledge.
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My "title" is hotwalker, but I am so much more than that! I help groom and do other odd jobs for my boss. I just prefer hotwalking, it's time well spent with the horses. I work at the track because I love the horses, and I love watching them run. I know the track has some brutal realities, but I am there for the love of the horses. You could say I am addicted to Thoroughbreds :D
My hope is to continue helping find them homes, as many as possible.
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