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Hey guys! So I spent a long time assuming my horse has high withers... But on second thought, does he?

What do y'all think? Is he high withered or does he just have a big chunky neck and I've got this all wrong? His back is pretty broad, in fact so are his shoulders.
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To me he has a short, steep wither where many horses have a more laid back wither...
Your horse also has a bit of a drop in his spine which throws the eye.
With his neck not straight but head turned to the camera his neck appears much thicker and a low set on his body.
I don't think his wither ridiculously high...

When he has a bit more muscle to his body he will look very different too.
His topline will firm up and change his appearance again..
Paints, and with how their markings can be can easily throw the eye seeing actual not imagined.

Pretty horse, such distinct markings....
I look at him and go "glad today they offer actual picture coggins cause this one would be tough to draw."
Enjoy your horse.;)

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He's got withers, not tall withers but nice withers, hes got a dip behind his shoulders so that makes them look taller then they really are, his neck is a bit thick but thats ok, hes a nice horse and pretty handsome!!!
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