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Need the stories for what?

I've had a number of animals 'saved' by homeopathy when the veterinary community had nothing to offer and expected death.
Ditto that. I personally know of a late teens horse that was in the beginning stages of EPM when the lady bought him and she had no idea.

By the time he was diagnosed, her vet and farrier gave the horse less than 50-50 chance of survival.

She absolutely could not afford the very expensive drugs required for the horse, so with nothing to lose, took the natural route.

That was last summer. Last week, the horse stood for the first time "on his own", no wobbling, no shaking, no having to lean against the barn for support, to have the farrier trim him; he is kept barefoot.

It is still in question to what degree the nerve damage will ultimately repair itself, but it has already repaired itself beyond everyone's expectations.

It goes without saying that the physical and emotional time this woman spent to "will" this horse to get better was above and beyond what many people would be willing to do; not to mention being "pooh-pooh'd" by the traditional scientific community.

The word "diluted" was mentioned with regard to homeopathic products. That word exists in traditional medicinal products as well.

I would never buy a product with fillers in it. My senior horses are on arthritis meds that are phamarceutical grade, NOT animal grade.

There are some things in life that we get what we pay for. Healing products are some of them. Buy certified organic, pharmaceutical grade, and whatever-other words are out there that guarantee the product-in-question has not been diluted:)
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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