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I'm looking at a 13 2 Welshie (He would be my main horse and I would like to do fast work like sj and team chase, only up to 3 ft nothing massive)
Do you think I should look for bigger?
Yes you should look for something bigger.

Welsh C’s are now bred for children and harness work, they’re sturdy but they’re also compact so shorter in the neck and back than some of the other British natives.

As an adult rider, you wouldn’t be able to compete in 13.2 jumping classes aimed at juniors so you’d be pushing the pony beyond its limits, not just in terms of the related distances and bigger spread but adding to the task by asking it to carry more weight and a top heavy rider.

I have had taller riders work 13.2 ponies but they all kept their weight at around or below the 112 pound mark

I wouldn’t even consider asking a 13.2 to carry your weight or height out Team Chasing. I did do a few with a Welsh D x Arab we had in the past but I’m 3 inches shorter and weighed about 112 pounds at the time. He was also incredibly scopey and a former JA jumping pony.
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