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  • On a scale of 1(one being easy) to 10(ten being very difficult) How would you rate caring for your own horse?
Hmm. The hardest part is keeping up with the manure, especially when it's muddy and you can't pick it up for a while. But otherwise, I enjoy all aspects of horse care. So I dunno, maybe a "6" for manure maintenance!

  • Which one do you enjoy more-Owning on your own property,boarding, or leasing?
Well, I actually don't own the property, my parents do, but I used to board and I LOVE having the horses right out the back door instead. Boarding is okay, but I would much rather have them at home.

  • Could you not live without your horse?
Well, I will NEVER say never, but let's just say that if I am at all physically able, I hope to always have horses in my life!

  • Is your horse your BFF? lol
Most definitely! Besides family, they are the one thing I can always depend on!

  • Does the time of owning and caring for a horse pull you away from awesome opportunities?
Only when it comes to vacations. I find that I am reluctant to leave for any overnight trips, even just for one night, because I will have to get someone to feed. I have great neighbors, but I don't want to impose on them unless I really have to leave for some reason.

  • Do you ever regret purchasing your horse?
Only when they mis-behave, lol! Naw, I consider them members of the family! I did have a couple of horses that didn't work out, but the horses I have now I hope to keep until they die.

  • Are they worth everything you have given up?

  • Does owning a horse pile on more stress? Or is it the thing that takes stress away and helps you get through the day?
They are my stress relievers! I actually find that I kind of go through withdrawls when I don't get to ride often enough!

The main thing I think, is you either have the horse gene or you don't. I definitely do! They are a lifestyle, not a hobby. If you want a horse more than anything in the world, then they are worth all the work and money because there is nothing you would rather spend it on. :)

1 - 1 of 21 Posts
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