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  • On a scale of 1(one being easy) to 10(ten being very difficult) How would you rate caring for your own horse?
3 or 4...
  • Which one do you enjoy more-Owning on your own property,boarding, or leasing?
I've never leased or boarded. I love my family owning our own property.
  • Could you not live without your horse?
Not really sure... I dunno what I'd do if I didn't have horses...
  • Is your horse your BFF? lol
Yes, I'd have to say... definately.
  • Does the time of owning and caring for a horse pull you away from awesome opportunities?
Nope, I don't get out much, anyway... lol.
  • Do you ever regret purchasing your horse?
I've never purchased a horse, yet... I was given my mare and my uncle bred my mare for me so I'd get a foal for my sixteenth birthday.
  • Are they worth everything you have given up?
  • Does owning a horse pile on more stress? Or is it the thing that takes stress away and helps you get through the day?
Owning my horses takes the stress away from everyday life.
1 - 1 of 21 Posts
Not open for further replies.