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  • On a scale of 1(one being easy) to 10(ten being very difficult) How would you rate caring for your own horse?
When all goes well (no injuries to take care of ) a 3 or 4
  • Which one do you enjoy more-Owning on your own property,boarding, or leasing?
Owning on my own property.
  • Could you not live without your horse?
Of course I could live without my horses, and probably will one day , but I am thoroughly enjoying having them in my life now.
  • Is your horse your BFF? lol
No, lol, I have human friends for that. I do have very good relationships with my horses, but they are horses. Best friends do many things together and share ideas, philosophies, ect...
  • Does the time of owning and caring for a horse pull you away from awesome opportunities?
They are my awesome opportunities. I've waited a long time to finally own and keep my horses. I am very home based, have created my own little paradise here, so no, don't feel that I am missing a thing. Of course I am older, raised my family.
  • Do you ever regret purchasing your horse?
Only when one is injured (vet bills) and when the hay needs to be paid for and brought in! LOL!
  • Are they worth everything you have given up?
Right now they are. I don't need to follow the fashion trends like I did when I was younger, and don't need to travel for business as I did years ago. So, I don't really feel I'm giving up more than I'm getting in return right now.
  • Does owning a horse pile on more stress? Or is it the thing that takes stress away and helps you get through the day?
LOL! Both! But all worth it. Sometimes knowing that they need to be exercised is stressful for me, yet finally making the time and doing it is relaxing to me. So it is a bit of both.
1 - 1 of 21 Posts
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