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  • On a scale of 1(one being easy) to 10(ten being very difficult) How would you rate caring for your own horse?
I'd say about a 6. There's some heavy lifting, and life is always harder in the winter, but I personally enjoy the work. :D

  • Which one do you enjoy more-Owning on your own property,boarding, or leasing?
I love having my guy at home! No "commute", I always know what's going on with my horse, and no drama!

  • Could you not live without your horse?
Survive, yes. Thrive, no.

  • Is your horse your BFF? lol
Yeppers! :D

  • Does the time of owning and caring for a horse pull you away from awesome opportunities?
Not too much. Since I do have him at home rather than boarded, I am a bit tied down as far as traveling, but I've never really minded. Plus my awesome family really steps up to the plate if I need them to take care of things for a couple of days.

  • Do you ever regret purchasing your horse?
Two words: NEV - ER. :D

  • Are they worth everything you have given up?

  • Does owning a horse pile on more stress? Or is it the thing that takes stress away and helps you get through the day?
I do worry about my horse when I'm away (I'm a student, and away from home except for weekends for the school year), and that can be a little stressful at times not being right there to take care of him, but when I do get home and get to mess with Scout, it is a tremendous stress reliever.
1 - 1 of 21 Posts
Not open for further replies.