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I didn't see her being spaced out . I just saw her ignoring your leg. I didn't see you use the whip at all. In fact, I thought you didn't even have one in your hand. becuase that's what I would have done ; use the whip enough to get a real change.

You kept opening your hands real wide and lowering them so far, I didn't quite follow the reason for that. It may be that she needs MORE contact on the rein to get her to feel more in contact with YOU. It's almost like you are leaving her hanging out there, with not much communicatiion from the front. Sometimes when you get a horse to come up to the contact (which mean you may need to short the reins a bit) and you get some impulsion from behind, the horse will feel more likely to follow the contact forward if you give them more rein. She had nothing to follow at all. Maybe that's why she felt mentally somewhere else?

Nice job riding a big spook//buck.
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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