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Horse Eden!

I found this game a couple nights ago while I was looking up Virtual pet links. It's almost like the horse equivelant of wajas, as in, you can breed horses that genetically inherit phenotypes and genes from their parents!

I recently found that Horse Eden was hosting a contest for referrals, and I wanted to participate.

Anyone who clicks this link and signs up 3 times, ( or even once! ) Will be greatly appreciated ^^ It benefits my account and gives me a bonus chance at winning that contest!

It's also a fun game, you can have 25 horses on starter accounts, they offer four types of show horse:
+ Thoroughbred
+ Irish Draught Horse
+ Warmblood
+ Sporthorse

And three types of eventing catagories:
+ Cross Country
+ Jumping
+ Dressage

Horse Eden Eventing

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