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My gelding appears to be lame on both his front and hind left legs. Rode him on Sunday and he was wonderful. Turned him back out for the night and he was lame come the next day (he is out 24/7 with a shelter and 2 buddies).

There is and was no heat, swelling, cuts or other obvious signs of injury. However when having his shoes reset this morning (Wednesday) he showed discomfort and was pulling back when the blacksmith had his front left leg up on the stand for filing.

Upon a quick longe exam he shows dragging of the left hind toe when circling to the right and lameness in the front left when longing to the left.

I have never had a horse lame on both legs on the same side. I plan to have the vet out if there is no improvement with a few days rest.

If anyone has ever experienced or seen this type of lameness, I would love any information you might be able to offer.

As an aside note, the pastures are quite muddy after several weeks of rain here in Atlantic Canada so I cannot rule out a fall or slip.

Thanks for any information you can share.
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