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To begin, how does a 16 year old girl successfully end up with a horse after writing her dad a letter about wanting one? After not having taken any lessons or had any previous horse experience, this ensures the poor horse that will be selected as the fitting match for the girl will be terribly misunderstood and lovingly abused unknowingly.

I have ridden horses since I was 5 through lessons and whatever kind neighbour would take me for a trail ride. I did the time with the summer camps that covered anatomy, nutrition, 2-point, transitions, etc. I spent hours in the barn cleaning stalls, cooling horses, watching other peoples lessons. I was the kid that was supposed to grow out if, and had little parental support. I grew up with the other girls who had their fancy ponies and watched as they sold their childhood friends without remorse while I still had never owned one. I rode Piper, and for 13 years this fall I have ridden Piper. I blanket Piper, buy his fly masks and brushes, replace worn bridle and saddle parts, pay for his boots, and built my own standards for a barn which could care less about him. They leave him out at night if its to miserable to go out and fetch him from the pasture, forgetting the fact that he still needs his dinner grain and extra hay to compensate for the sleepless night in a small, shelterless, swampy pasture. So I come dutifully to tend to his hooves and treat them to prevent thrush, to ensure his fly mask is on, to ensure his hay isn't in muck or that his blankets aren't wet. Yet, I'm also the one that was supposed to outgrow horses and has never been given a chance at ownership and won't take a chance unless my horse will be able to live in certain circumstances and pristine conditions.

I opened this post about a girl. This girl that obtained a horse successfully at 16 came into my life when she began dating a family member. After getting her mare they would then keep her mare penned on a one acre lot on the side of an 80km highway and ride her as per she felt like it or remembered her existence. I would over hear her in the phone giggling that her horse had run out of water on a 30 degree day and she would, "have to watch out for that." The girl would then proceed to get accidentally pregnant. The horse was forgot for nine months until this girl decided she wanted to ride again. She asked me if 11 was to old for her mare to have a baby because she wanted the two babies to grow up together. She would also tell me that the dogs at her current barn which she moved her horse to so she was closer chased her horse and had left a puncture wound in its leg. Its been lame for well over two months, yet she has no vet but has been treating it with hydrogen peroxide (what a relief!). She then acquired a second horse that was being sent for auction by a lady at her barn that didn't want her anymore. With this second horse she could no longer afford board. So she is know moving them to the farm that her in-laws have provided rent free. They have so far set up a single stranded electric fence about three feet high to fence them in and keep them off the 4 lane highway the horses will be set up beside (right beside). They have yet to realize that our past summer has made hay scarce and expensive. The horses are coming with or without hay. But its no big deal. How does this happen?

She has successfully ended up with 2 horses, 2 vehicles, a rent-free farm, an iPhone, Uggs and endless baby-sitters because everyone loves a 3 month old baby. Somebody tell me why I go to University for BioChemistry when I could obtain my goals of horses and a farm by getting knocked up?
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