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Horse Soccer, wanted to share.

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Its been cold here again and I wanted to have some fun so I pulled out the horse soccer ball to mess around with. Here are just some pictures of my horses messing around with it.

Here's Cody with the ball, he loves the dang thing. Will bite at it and push it all day if I let him.
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Here's Stitch. He likes the ball and will push it around but he doesnt go after it like Cody does when we play.
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I took most of the pictures so Im not in very many of them but in the black/red coat is my friend Lynn, we have been friends since we were in diapers, the white camo coat is me, we had so many layers on today its sooo cold so it was a little hard to move around.
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I've always wanted to find a group of people to do this with, but I think the group that would do it, would be far too rowdy for my taste XD Though it'd provide some laughs!

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Yeah we talked about doing that while we were playing. Finding a group to have fun with it, I think it would have potential to get out of control but I think if it was the right people as long as it was safe it would be a funny time.
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