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Horse tack - Anyone know what this is?

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Has anyone seen a piece of horse tack like this? I'm trying to find out where it was made, when, and who made it? I've had it a long time and it has always bugged me that I don't know much about it.

This is an item which fits over the horse's entire face. It is 16 inches across the top, 10 inches down the sides, the thin leather strips are 12 inches long. The metal circles all over the front of it, appear to be brass.They are attached with leather. Two the larger circles, in the
top two outer corners have two stars each, embossed, on them.
The back side is braided over all. The places for the horse's eyes to look through are braided. The 1 inch wide leather strip that travels down the nose has the brass circles and a white leather tassel at the end. There is a strap with a buckle that goes behind the ears and another for under the head.
I bought it over 30 years ago from a lady whose husband was in the Airforce and stationed in the Middle East.
She was told it was used when horses were on the desert. The brass is suppose to reflect the sun and the leather strips were to keep away bugs.
I appreciate your opinion!


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Looks like a dated version of a fly bonnet.
It looks like an old fly veil.
Wow, I'm not sure what it is but it looks really neat!
Old version of a fly veil, also since it was used in the desert could have had all the metal to keep the sun reflected and the heat off of the horses head, to keep him from heatstroke...
Thanks for your thoughts! I've been after information on this thing for a while now. I have even emailed pictures to museum curators here in the US and Europe. None of them are familiar with it. I still hold out hope a horse lover is going to know something, sometime. It would be interesting to know what kind of horse wore it. It is handmade so I wonder who made it? Someday...
Thanks everyone for your comments!
I am guessing it was used on arabians in the desert. I rememeber seeing stuff like that in old movies growing up.
churumbeque! Hello!
Do you remember which movies?
You might contact the Kentucky Horse Park. They have a horse/tack museum and may have some idea what era/location the fly bonnet came from.
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I don't know but I really like it. It looks awesome!
I could swear I have seen these used on European stallions like in Spain and Argentina???

Also do a search for Mosquero, thats what it reminds me of just in leather.

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Whatever it is, it's beautiful. If you do find out more information about it, can you update this thread? My curiosity is piqued now :lol:
That is a very decorative fly mask, probably used in a harness. The rest of the horse was protected by a fly sheet like this old one;

Here is a link to some modern ones for sale

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