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Many times the 'old' ways have died out thanks to modern medicines BUT in many cases some of these nearly forgotten remedies are cheaper and just as good as modern treatments.

VINEGAR (I have only ever used the Malt) for ringworm, thrush, rain rot and as a general antiseptic. Gives a great shine on horse's coats if ypused after a bath,

SUGAR A great coagulant if you have a heavily bleeding wound.

Just two to get you started, please add if you have anything to.
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Beer for the horses’ coats was one that was used in the yard when I was young.

I’ve used:

Garlic as a fly repellent, for allergies and respiratory issues. My gelding had really bad dust allergies when they were building houses next to his field.

Celery seeds for arthritis

Salt water or baking soda for any cuts, bites or cleaning
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