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Horse Trailer Features You Wish You Had

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For those of you with horse trailers...

Are there any features you wish you would have added when you bought yours?

Anything that really bothers or annoys you?

I think I know what I want, but am looking for advice on small things I may be missing.
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That butt bar divider you mentioned is why I started this thread. That's the kind of thing I could easily miss.
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...I know it's not exactly what you asked, but I'll tell you what I'm glad I got...
I'm not sure if you check your private messages, but I sent you one asking about the specs of the trailer I am looking at, in case you had time to look.

All of this information from everyone is very helpful!

Something I need is a trailer that allows for a horse to turn around to exit, if I don't have a side door. My TB has stifle issues and can't back out. Because of that a rear tack is automatically out, unless I kept it empty and it folded to the side. But then it isn't useful.

It doesn't get hot here so I don't need extra roof ventilation, but I do want lots of windows for light and air.
1 - 3 of 33 Posts
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