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Horse Trailer Features You Wish You Had

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For those of you with horse trailers...

Are there any features you wish you would have added when you bought yours?

Anything that really bothers or annoys you?

I think I know what I want, but am looking for advice on small things I may be missing.
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Sorry I wish I could give you what I wish my trailer has but it has all I want/need..... this is my third trailer in my grown up horsey lifetime. When I was young it was in the back of a pickup to the local rodeo or ride to where you want to camp with the tent on the back and hope the horses were there when you got up! Most of the time if they got loose they headed back home. lol

I have a 3 horse slant w/lq, I do have a rear tack and love it. I camp quite a bit and most of the campgrounds have the corals/stalls in the back of the campsite so it's just easier. I also have a stud wall in the first stall of my trailer as I put a LOT of stuff in that stall and glad if I have to do a hard stop or when going up a mountain it doesn't topple. I LOVE having storage underneath the mangers! That is a huge plus for me.... and what I was looking for when I went looking for this trailer. A hydraulic jack was a must too... getting to old to crank the heavy trailers up!

Mine has ties on each side... don't get why that wouldn't come with it... and it's 3 on each side for the 3 stalls... I could tie 6 horses! lol

Oops I do have drop downs on each side that I love so if we stop for a bite I can drop front and back. I do have the bars on the front but not on the back... it gives lots of airflow.

My thought is to make a list of what you want and need and take that. That's what I did... lots of trailer shopping I even went to a place that had just come back from Congress...
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