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Horse Trailer Features You Wish You Had

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For those of you with horse trailers...

Are there any features you wish you would have added when you bought yours?

Anything that really bothers or annoys you?

I think I know what I want, but am looking for advice on small things I may be missing.
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Really, the 6 horse we had was just about the perfect trailer. If I was to get another trailer, it would be a duplicate to that trailer.
It was a 6 horse reverse slant. LOVED that. Insulated roof, drop down window on the left side, sliding windows on the right. Drop down tailgate for easy rear loading, as well as a drop down ramp on the right side up at the front. Of course it was a gooseneck.

What is so nice about a reverse slant is horses, given their own choice, will choose to ride with their rumps ahead of their heads. This does that. Even horses that are not fond of trailers loved that trailer.

We made a full center divider so that when we were only hauling a couple horses, we had our own stalls at shows. Both "stalls" had their own door. It just worked out really slick.

Sadly, this trailer was destroyed in a horrific wreck. But I still would not change a thing on it. It was, in my opinion, the perfect trailer. I should add, the mare my husband was hauling was knocked down in the trailer at the time of the wreck, but she was not hurt. Our dually one ton was destroyed, everything set on fire, it was nasty. The lady that hit him was killed instantly. But I'm way off topic, my appologies to the OP.
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I'm pretty simple, I prefer a stock or slant. In the past if I had a trailer with slant dividers, my horses preferred ones with bars so they can see each other. They are used to being hauled together in a stock and stopped wanting to load in trailers with a solid divider and I ended up pulling them out.

If I had drop down feed windows, I like the ones with a additional drop grate rather than having to hang the screens.

I despise a rear tack. Will not own one. I prefer a big single back door. No ramp.
Front tack and I prefer the door on the driver's side. I have been looking at the ones with doors on each side with swing out saddles racks on each side. That's more of a wish list item though.
I totally agree with you on rear tacks, not happening here.

Our trailer had the front tack, door on the driver's side. Loved that.
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Just a thought,
After our trailer was destroyed in that wreck, I went to the local fair where there was an exhibit of a well known brand of trailers. Oh they were sure pretty!
But when I asked if the dividers were removable because every year, I needed to haul calves to the sale. I was told that their trailers were only rated for horses, that they did not have what it takes under the trailer to handle the weight of cattle. I told him if I can't haul a cow in it, I sure as heck did not want to haul a horse in it!

I see this make of trailer on the road quite often, but it's a complete NO SALE for me.
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I’m curious Zimalia — what would be the weight of your calves and how many more calves can you get in a trailer vs how many horses?
I asked the same thing. And when he couldn't answer, I told him "Now tell me why I would want to load my horses into a trailer that was not built to take the weight of cattle?"
Again, no answer, I walked away.
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PM sent.
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I’m curious Zimalia — what would be the weight of your calves and how many more calves can you get in a trailer vs how many horses?
They were weaners to feeders by the time we sold them. You can shove more calves in a trailer than you can horses. If the trailer can't take the weight of calves, why do they feel I should be happy with it just being a horse trailer? We had a 6 horse trailer, so if each horse is 1000 pds, that's 6000 pds. It should easily be able to haul that much in calves. But they said the way it was built, that no don't haul calves.
I left it where I found it. Pretty yes, but it would not do for me.
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