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I regestered just so I could ask you a question. Why in heaven would you use the hair from horses waiting for rescue to make money for yourself? I see you have a whole website and you proudly proclaim that most of the hair you use comes from horses awaiting rescue at the Four Corner's Equine Rescue. I gleen for your post that it may have started as a fundraiser but now to have a money making website using that hair seem wrong, wrong, wrong. And why are you selling the jewelry on this forum anyway? I thought there were no salespitches in forum pages. The whole thing seems more than "shakey" to me.

Blighmare did you seriously join just to harrass someone about something?
if you dont have something constructive and are just being petty about it maybe you just shouldnt say anything? how about you get the facts before you throw your ignorant judgement out there....
how is selling her horsehair bracelets and giving some of the proceeds to the rescue bad? If you just joined and havnt seen alot of the forum then how can you judge anyways?

aaah i love ignorance

anyways fargosgirl! you are the first person ive seen on here besides me from NM! and your probably in the same town! im from aztec, and ive wanted to volunteer at FCER for a long time but ended up enlisting! this is ubber exciting and i love your work!
1 - 3 of 22 Posts
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