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Yes, yes I am!

Woah, why don't I get on here more often?

Anywaaaays, here's some more pics of Zanzibar.

Princess and Zanzibar

Casual Friday.

My sister and Zanzibar.

When my back was turned, he'd curl his lips at me. Got the pic a little too late.

I don't-

Dramatic head-turn.




Eh eh the farrier still can't come out and see him. :?

First, it's raining.
Second, we go to Virginia.
THIRD, It's raining/freezing out.
FOURTH, me and my mom are quarantined to our house because of Scabies. My stupid self found a puppy outside and decided to bring him in.
He had sarcoptic mange.
So now, me, mom, the three dogs, and my sister have scabies. Much fun. :-|

Here's mangy. AKA, Butter Bean.


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What a cutie pie!! I love white horses with blue eyes.
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