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Horses being scared of another horse

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My horse and a friend's horse absolutely hate each other. When I am in the arena in a lesson the other horse is in the neighboring pasture grazing, and when we ride near her my horse gets distracted and scared. They don't graze in the same pasture because the friend's horse will kick and bite at mine. We cant ride together without someone getting bucked. Are there anyways i can get my horse to not be afraid?? Please help!

P.S. my horse gets along with ALL of the other horses and is usually calm. except when she is near the problem horse
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This happens sometimes, for sure.

A friend who I share pasture with has five. One is really afraid of one of the others. They share a pasture, but it is large enough that the once does not bother the other there. When we exercise them together, we really have to be aware.

There is always a sign. At that moment whoever is on the aggressive horse gets very strong and makes him work harder. Stopping and backing. Circles at a gallop. The one on the frightened horse also rides forward in a strong manner. Keeping the horse moving forward at a working trot. (Most of our exercising the horses is at a trot.)

I don't know if you feel ready to address the problem this way. No doubt there are other solutions.

Best wishes.
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