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Horses Withers Higher Than Neck Line

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I looked at a horse for sale yesterday and we liked her a lot. We think she has potential on what we want her to do. She is a thoroughbred. I noticed looking back at pictures that her withers are way higher than her neck line. Could this be an issue? Or is it just confirmation issues? Does anyone know if this will effect her in the future? Note she is a little unfit and needs weight and muscle on her. Vet check is this week but wanted to get everyone else’s opinion aswell. We would be using her as a barrel racer.

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I don't think its a issue.
The horse could use a easy 100 - 150, maybe as much as 200 hundred pounds on the frame will make a huge difference in appearances.
Add currently no muscle seen, they need protein and amino acids to build muscle once the guts on the inside heal and replenish...
I think the voids you see will fill in with food and proper work.

I don't see neglect and not fed as "conformation" issue but someone did the animal wrong and not fed it correctly.
Conformation is structural...not fat and muscle visible.
Get the PPE and let the vet guide you on if the horse is sound and healthy to meet your needs for the future.
When you get the chance and own...introduce us to your new friend.
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