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Horsey "homework"

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Hopefully all who are reading this are bored with too much time on thier hands :D I have a student who is very serious about learning everything she can about horses. She comes out for 2 -3 lessons a week and asked me If I could start giving her homework. I thought that was a neat idea, but I just don't have the time or the patience to make worksheet after worksheet of homework for her! I've looked online but I cant find any good websites like this... anyone know of any? Or if you would like to be creative and make some homework be my guest! She is a beginner rider but is catching on quickly, She is learning hunter/jumper. : ) Thanks so much!
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Give her a reading list! Make up a list of books that you think she would benefit from reading, and make sure you've read them too. That way you can discuss some of the book at each riding lesson, and perhaps incorporate some of the topics covered?
ask her questions, have her study an anatomy chart, then fill out a blank one by memory to see if she can.(where the hock,fetlock,dock,upper jaw,coronet band,etc.) and teach her about conformation, like give her pictures of horses and teach her how to tell what cow hocks, swaybacks, and straight shoulders,etc are for a start. Also a book list sounds good. :)
check your local 4-H. You would look up the county extension office in the phone book. Their workbooks are usually under $5.00 and although they are set up for kids they are full of info, and worksheets, and fun for horse crazy adults to do as well.
Get these books for her (or have her get it)

Horse Anatomy - A Coloring Atlas by Kainer & McCracken. This has really good charts and explanations of a lot of the various anatomy points of a horse (inside and out). A little bit of conformation too.

Guide for Determining the Age of the Horse by AAEP (American Association of Equine Practitioners) Great pics and explanations of horse's teeth and how to age a horse. You might need a vet's help to get this one.
We used to get "homework" after every lesson at my barn! I learned so much and found it really fun. Once we had to read an article on something and then tell our instructor what we learned from it. Another time we had to research a disease in horses and then write a little thing on it. I absolutely loved it and learned so much.
Doesn't Pony Club produce something like this?
this is one 4-h manual I found. you can see many of them online so that you can study them without purchasing them. Many show some confimation and basic anatomy, so that could be interesting homework. It was the kind of thing I did when I wanted to start learning more. :) Good luck
Do you have old horse magazines? You could cut out articles and assign them to her, the discuss at her next lesson. My first instructor used to "quiz" us during the cool down period of our lesson, asking for different parts of the horse, tack , colors, etc...
Thanks guys! great idea's!
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