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How do I darken my paliminos coat?

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Yet another grooming question, I have a very light coloured palimino. In the summer he is somewhat darker but if I could and some shine and little colour his looks would not clash so much:DYa I know I am really shallow about my horses looks. So any feeds I could add to his diet or a shampoo? I figured I should find some thing now since the holiday has so many sales. What about flax seeds? BOSS?
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Do you let your palomino out in the sun!? NEVER do that! It will make it lighter!Really? Because... not only is that cruel but my mare has not been inside in over ten years...
And to prove my point look under her mane where the sun doesn't hit often, its nearly white!

(picture showing, generally her mane is down on this side, no sun can get threw and the rest of her is as gold as... well... gold!)

OP I think your palomino is just a lighter pal. If its the horse in your avatar there doesn't appear to be anything wrong coat/condition wise. He shines and is pretty. The is no way to make a light palomino this gold color I'm afraid you'll have to love him for him!
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