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How do I darken my paliminos coat?

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Yet another grooming question, I have a very light coloured palimino. In the summer he is somewhat darker but if I could and some shine and little colour his looks would not clash so much:DYa I know I am really shallow about my horses looks. So any feeds I could add to his diet or a shampoo? I figured I should find some thing now since the holiday has so many sales. What about flax seeds? BOSS?
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Oh, I had no idea it could be toxic. I looked around and found some stuff saying that it can cause hallucinations in large quantities. However, I found other things where people said that they used nutmeg alone to successfully darken a palomino coat. I haven't had any problems yet, but I'll cut down the amount of nutmeg I'm using just in case.

Thanks for the info.
Yeah, I know plenty of people who claim nutmeg isn't dangerous. But the fact is that it is, you just don't see the side effects unless there is an overdose until later on down the road. That is why people think it is harmless, they don't usually have the animal long enough or use it long enough to see the effects.

It was really funny, I was watching food network the other day. There was an Alton Brown special on and they were making food for all of the guests. One recipe(when multiplied for the number of guests) needed a decent amount of nutmeg and the head chef was saying
" I was making the recipe when Alton came up to me and started yelling "DO YOU WANT TO KILL EVERYONE!!??" he told me nutmeg is a poison if consumed even in small amounts over time or in moderate amounts at once, and I dropped my soup ladle..."

Apparently he was about to poison a bunch of people with all the nutmeg he was using, poor guy, he must have felt terrible.:lol:
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